Here, you find an overview of recent news:

Symposium on Figurative Framing on 15 December 2017

NWO VIDI Grant on political satire awarded

Interview in Dutch daily newspaper ‘Het Financieele Dagblad’

Opleidingscommissie (OC) in Communication Science interviewed

Keynote lecture at Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona (Spain)

Two presentations at NCA Conference

Papers at the Amsterdam Metaphor Festival

Albert Katz visits the Metaphor Lab

Three new online-first publications

Presentation in special session at RaAM Conference

Paper on the Hyperbole Identification Procedure (HIP) published in Metaphor and Symbol

Paper on metaphor published in Journal of Communication

Irony Bias published in Communication Research

Course on ‘Language and Communication’ at Chapman University