Albert Katz visits the Metaphor Lab

On July 7, 2016, Prof. Dr. Albert Katz (Western University, Canada) visited the Metaphor Lab for a small-scale symposium in his honor, hosted by Dr. Christian Burgers.

Dr. Katz delivered the opening talk entitled “Structural and social aspects of metaphor (with side trips to irony and puns)”, in which he made a distinction between cognitive (‘structural’) and social-psychological (‘social’) studies into figurative language conducted in his lab. Dr. Katz mentioned both some of his classic studies, as well as new (and unpublished) studies.

Other presentations were delivered by members of the Metaphor Lab and staff of the Department of Communication Science at Vrije Universiteit. Amber Boeynaems and Britta Brugman discussed two systematic reviews they recently conducted on metaphorical framing on political communication. Marianna Bolognesi presented the results from her Marie-Curie funded project CogVIM and showed how linguistic and visual metaphor differ in the kind of similarities they evoke. Camiel Beukeboom gave his perspective on the role of figurative language in stereotyping, and presented new empirical results on the Irony Bias in relation to stereotype formation. Kiki Renardel de Lavalette presented a comparison of using two corpus-analytic methods to test Lakoff’s Theory of Moral Reasoning. The symposium was closed by Christian Burgers who talked about the quantitative results of his corpus analysis on figurative framing in news discourse (conducted as part of his NWO VENI project).