Three new online-first publications

I am excited to announce that three new papers have been published as online-first publications (i.e., publication before inclusion in a journal).

First, the theory of Figurative Framing is introduced in a new paper in Communication Theory (co-authored with Elly Konijn and Gerard Steen). This paper presents an overview of the theory I study in my VENI project.

Second, our study on visual metaphors in app logos was published in Mobile Media and Communication (co-authored with Allison Eden, Robin de Jong and Sander Buningh). This study shows that visual metaphors are important in drawing attention to transportation apps in  app stores. This paper is part of the NWO KIEM grant.

Finally, a paper on linguistic co-creation in health education was published in Health Communication. This paper demonstrates how users echo, adapt and change an original campaign message when they are asked to present their own contributions. This paper is part of the PhD project of Romy van den Heerik.

Note: 30 August 2016:
The paper by Christian Burgers, Allison Eden, Robin de Jong and Sander Buningh has been published in the September 2016 issue of “Mobile Media & Communication”.

Note 2: 18 October 2016:
The paper by Christian Burgers, Elly Konijn and Gerard Steen has been published in the November 2016 issue of “Communication Theory”.